eLIVE Omni (eLO)... e = electronic information technologies, LIVE refers to online streaming video broadcast in real time, Omni = of all things.  eLIVE Omni - electronic online broadcast of real time streaming video of all things.

eLive Omni division eCommerce Live Omnichannel (eLO) provides exciting new disruptive retail technology capitalizing on a growing trend in the retail market for streaming live video shopping.  eLO is the missing link for the retail industry enabling professional production of LIVE streaming video shopping vs brick and mortar and traditional eCommerce.  eLO completely bridges the gap between traditional online commerce and the brick & mortar store.  Our Streaming LIVE Video shopping is experienced by a customer at home (or mobile) direct into their favorite retail store, providing a unique 1-on-1 private shopping experience we call eShop LIVE.  eLO is the next generation of commerce bridging the Brick and Click of retail – it's absolutely the next best thing to physically being in a store. 

eLO will also be used by retail Brands to show Buyers their latest lines.  eBrand LIVE will save time and the associated cost of travel for Brand owners/management and Reps.  In todays Covid-19 environment Brands and Buyers can safely connect.

“Retail has never undergone a faster pace of change than what it’s experiencing today. Industry leaders have been laying the technical foundation to innovate and succeed in a landscape of redefined retail.” (Editors of RIS News - 05/01/2020) - and now the additional impetuses of the Covid-19 pandemic which not only paralyzed the world-at-large, but will forever change the face of retail.

This exciting new service, product and technology for the Retail industry will launch soon which will redefine the brick and click of retail, and provide a choice for how shoppers connect - making it REAL, Convenient and Keeping it Safe for all.

Currently our MVP model is in Alpha testing and we anticipate a fall 2021 rollout to the retail marketplace.

eRetail Inventory System “eRIS” and eBusiness Information Screen “eBIS” (see nav bar) are also currently under development.

Founder - Jim Nash


A Disruptive Retail Technology Company