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eLIVE Omni Brands

eCommerce Live Omnichannel (eLO):  eShop Live | eBrand Live

Convertible SAFE to Equity


Raised of $1M 
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eLive Omni (eLO) was incorporated in 2018 to develop disruptive retail technology capitalizing on a growing trend in the retail market for streaming live video shopping.  eLO is the missing link for the retail industry enabling professional production of LIVE streaming video shopping vs brick and mortar and/or traditional eCommerce.  eLO completely bridges the gap between traditional online commerce and the brick & mortar store.  Our Streaming LIVE Video shopping is experienced by a customer at home (or mobile) direct into their favorite retail store, providing a unique 1-on-1 private shopping experience we call eShop LIVE.  eLO is the next generation of retail commerce bridging the Brick and Click – it's absolutely the next best thing to physically being in a store.


eLO has been under development for over 18-months and the Founder has personally invested $300K. Our MVP platform is complete and in Alpha (Beta in 20 stores in being planned).  The award-winning software development company Manifest Studios was retained to design and integrate our Digital solution as well as build new dynamic websites.  Our eShop LIVE and eBrand Live Brands are planned to be ready for a nationwide rollout by Spring 2021.  Another target market will be premium/Luxury Department Stores – creating an entire department for real-time streaming video 1-on-1 shopping. eLO stands alone in its own category.  See Proof of Concept and Industry Trends for further validations.


Seasonal stores struggle to make a good profit, can’t retain staff and incur ongoing costs of operation; Traditional eCommerce is difficult to setup, manage and profit; Market survey of trends & DD indicates increasing interest in Video Shopping; No organized U.S. live-streaming retailer shopping platform exists; Customers are seeking better and omni-channel “experiences;” Fueled by CV-19 retail on-line BOOMING & will be continuing trend; Retail brands engage buyers at massive buying shows – high cost, time and travel  CV-19 will change this interaction in the future.  The genesis for eLO!


eLO sits between the current Brick & Click of Retail as The Next Generation of eCommerce – its is Blurring the Distinction Between Online & In-Store by providing a live omnichannel 1-on-1 Personal Shopping Experience.  eLO is self-contained, self-operated, untethered, streaming LIVE video production platform & workstation with integrated software for digital eShop Live & eBrand Live services.  eLO significantly increases revenues; adds omnichannel services; makes a seasonal store year-around; allows a store to be more competitive; brands cut their costs; stores continue business as usual during shutdowns;  store stays on trend & relevant; provides new safe way to shop.


  1. 79% of Americans shop online

  2. 59% of shoppers want interactive shopping experiences online

  3. 54% of people buy from a streaming live shopping experience

  4. By 2021, 54% of mobile ecommerce is expected to occupy more than half of the overall retail commerce

  5. 17.5% of the Global $20T in retailing revenue is now online

• Online sales up 80% since Jan 2020

•  Study 46K Shoppers Shows Omnichannel Retail Works

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Competitive landscape consists of stores using smart phones or pads and doing group view video, not 1-on-1 personal  shopping.  Most communication is by text vs face-to-face.  No one offers an integrated hardware & digital software solution that make any sense.  HERO StreamShopper and LISA are three examples of current similar services – one is a WhatsApp of retail & not really 1-on-1 personal shopping, the others home-made solutions with poor websites & service offerings.


Mr. Nash is a seasoned entrepreneur and a Merchant Banking professional who has proven success in startups, turn-arounds and development of unique structured finance models for raising capital. He was previously CEO of KGRI a publicly traded Merchant Banking firm, founder of and CEO

Medi-Share a nationwide Healthcare plan.

Investment Opportunity & Use of Funds:

The company is currently seeking up to $1M (with the option to upsize to $2M) in a Seed Round from Family Office and/or high net worth accredited investors.  Use of funds: Hire CTO, Controller/CFO, VP Sales, Tech staff, support staff, legal, office (move eLO to TriangleTech Park NC), ongoing R&D & tech development, eLO operations,  20-store beta test, limited retail/brand rollout, Broker-Dealer engagement Series A Round, Contingency.


5-Yr Estimated Market Value Potential of $50M+ (U.S. #’s only – 20% of world-wide potential).  Future roll-out worldwide.  Planned Series A round for $10M+ end of 2021 and future IPO after Yr 5.

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